Making bread much tastier with sugar

Baking with molasses sugar and "Sudaki Suger" (uniquely processed from the sugar cane of Amami-Oshima) provides deep flavor to the bread with adequate moist and springy texture.
Our pursuit for sugar-based bread continues in our aspiration to convey the unique delicious flavor that comes from the molasses sugar.
The secret Sudaki Suger of the "taste" of CARA AURELIA


Rum Raisin Boule

Top selling in our store! The secret of its deliciousness is the homemade rum raisin blended with abundant white wine.
It's addictive.

Cereals An-pan
(Sweed Red Bean Paste)

Fragrant bread mixed with cereals enwrapping sweet "Shumari" red bean paste from Hokkaido.
It is a popular item that is frequently introduced on TV.

Bran Baguette

Bran Baguette

Addition of black syrup from sugar cane and natural yeast in the baguette makes the skin crispy and a springy body, with a mild sweet flavor.
We proudly present our Award-winning baguette Bakery Award.


Store Information

CARA AURELIA Daimaru Tokyo Store

Address 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo B1 Daimaru Tokyo
Tel 03-6895-2785
Open [Mon-Fri] 10:00 - 2100
[Sat/Sun/Holidays] 10:00 - 20:00
Closed Based on Daimaru Tokyo

CARA AURELIA Nihonbashi Store

Address 3-8-16 Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo B1 Fuyo Building
Tel 03-3270-9335
Open 7:30 - 14:00
*Closure on sold-out
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays

Bread making at CARA AURELIA

Our baker's aspirations

"Selection of delicious and safe ingredients, diligent baking by the baker, and warm customer attendance" is our promise we have been keeping with tour customers since the inception of CARA AURELIA in 2007.

The strength of CARA AURELIA is its identity as the only bakery persisting in sugar. Our insistence in sugar makes the bread just a bit, but definitely tastier.
But....delicious bread does not come from just insisting on sugar and ingredients, not without the heart of the one who is making it.
We aspire every day to bake bread that tastes better today than yesterday, and better now than before.

French bread including baguettes are normally of recipes without any sugar, but the baguettes of CARA AURELIA contain brown sugar syrup. We created a new baguette with an addition of brown sugar syrup and received supportive appraisals from our customers, and it is this cycle that is generating the new genre.
We are proud that the new bread we bake each day is a contribution to our food culture.

We want the customers to enjoy shopping at our shops.
We are especially particular to ensure that the customers appreciate the joy of selection, the joy of wondering, the joy of learning and the joy of purchasing, and to indulge in the entire process of shopping from among 60 kinds in direct face-to-face dialogue with us.

CARA AURELIA is not just a bakery indulged in sugar having "good taste". We strive for excellence in taste and make this bakery fun and enjoyable with lots of new challenges.
We are here at the kitchen every day to ensure we make our bread a bit but definitely better than yesterday, and even a bit better tomorrow. We invite you to visit CARA AURELIA and witness how we grow each day.


At the workshop inside our store, the baker prepares the bread dough from powder, makes delicate adjustments based on day-to-day temperature and humidity with an absolute care in the entire process from dough to baking.

While it is time-consuming, the entire process is watched by a single professional baker who fine-tunes at each stage to cope with the temperature and humidity.

Insistence on raw ingredients

We select adequate amount of the best in quality out of many food ingredients. As we prepare one by one diligently, even the recipe that uses ingredients that are a bit difficult-to-maneuver can be delivered to the customers with the taste as the top priority.

  • Rum Raisin

    Raisin is cooked in our kitchen with white wine and processed brown sugar and soaked in mellow Myer's Rum.
    [ Items using Rum Raisin ]
    Premium Rum Raisin Boule, Rare Raisin Butter Sandwich, Rum Raisin Custard (Bistro Sandwich)
  • Sudaki Suger-an

    The Sudaki Suger-An is carefully cooked using Sudaki Suger and Hokkaido's Red Beans, while retaining the grainy texture, blended with the mild sweet flavor of the azuki beans.
    [ Items using Sudaki Suger-An ]
    Cereals Anko Bun ("Gokoku An-pan"), Sudaki Suger Anko Bun ("Sudaki Suger An-pan"), Sudaki Suger Anko Butter ("Bistro Sand")
  • Cream of Charred Sugar

    CARA AURELIA's original item - "Cream of Charred Sugar" = a blend of custard cream and molasses sugar, with a bittersweet caramel flavor that perfectly matches the bread.
    [ Items using Cream of Charred Sugar ]
    Bittersweet Charred Sugar Cream Bun

Valuing Communication

We care for each and every bread we bake, not just to convey the delicious taste, but also to serve our customers face-to-face with a heartfelt attendance.
There are 60 items on the menu, so if you need help, just tap on any of our staffs who will help you with our recommendations to your liking.

Origin of Naming

Aurelia is an Italian word meaning "the most beloved Aurelia".
"Aurelia" is derived from Aurelia Cotta, the mother of Julius Caesar who founded the Roman Empire. Aurelia Cotta has been a supporter of Caesar from both political and private aspects and is respected in Italy as a symbol of "wise mother".
Our wish is to be a "wise mother" like her, and hence named our store "CARA AURELIA".

Daito Seito Co., Ltd.

  • Head Office

    44 Shinminato, Mihama-Ku,
    Chiba-shi, Chiba
  • Tokyo Branch Office

    ICST-Bldg 5F, 1-9-2 Nihonbashi Horidome-Cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
  • Kagoshima Branch Office

    3-15-7 Nanei, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima

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[ Bakery under 100% management: CARA AURELIA ]

Bakery under 100% management:  CARA AURELIA
We operate our own bakery shop indulged in our style of ingredients and methodology with a theme of "Making bread tastier with Sugar".