Privacy Policy

Regarding Handling of Privacy Information


We, Daito Seito Co., Ltd., (hereinafter "the Company") recognize that it is our social responsibility to protect the Privacy Information and set forth here below our policy for "handling Privacy Information in the website" to manage and operate the website that the customers can safely and comfortably utilize.

Scope of applicability regarding handling of Privacy Information

Privacy Information applies when a customer purchases our products, contact the Company, or subscribe for Mail Magazine and other services through the Company's website.
The Privacy Information collected upon customer's use of the Company's website shall be treated as privacy information.

Objectives of the use of Privacy Information

The Company shall use Privacy Information and purchase order information (including information related to purchase history of customers) collected from the customers for providing its services and for other objectives as specified here below. The Company shall not use the Privacy Information for services other than for this service as well as for objectives specified below.

  1. To process orders received from its customers, confirmation of the orders received, and for any changes thereof
  2. To provide responses to inquiries received from the customers
  3. To request the customers for providing comments and opinion to the Company's services
  4. To use Privacy Information for the purpose as separately explained to the customers individually for approvals
  5. To compile statistical data based on customers' attributes (age, address, other data)
  6. To provide and exhibit informative releases and services that match individual needs and likings of the customers

Security management of Privacy Information

The Company shall conduct and apply reasonable security measures to protect accuracy and safety of Privacy Information by ensuring enforcement of access control, limitation of removal, illegal access, leakage, loss, destruction, manipulation and alteration, and, in the event of occurrence of any accidents related to the leakage of Privacy Information, shall take appropriate measures, including plans for prevention of recurrence.

Deposition of Privacy Information

The Company may, as required to achieve the objectives indicated, deposit its operation to an appropriate third party, in which case the Company shall conduct appropriate management and supervision of such outsourced party.
(outsourced party means, transport operator, collection agent for non-payment, etc.)

Disclosure of Privacy Information to a third party

The Company shall not provide any Privacy Information to a third party such as, other business units or individuals, nor to publicize it without the permission of the Information source, except in case of the following circumstances:

  1. When the Information is agreed to be released by the Information source
  2. Upon legal orders from the government agencies and public functions
  3. In fulfillment of the management and operation of the Company's website, provided however, that the Information released is limited within the range of necessity and that the counterpart of disclosure is obligated by contract with respect to the management of such Privacy Information.


Cookies are small text files containing clients' Information that are stored on the clients' computer hard drive. Cookies will not be linked to the Privacy specific Information of the clients through our site. The site can be used to reject cookies through the site on clients' accord.
the clients reject them. The Company shall not use these cookies with a purpose of gathering unnecessary Information of the clients. For using our online shopping cart, please enable the setting for cookies on your browser.
Cookies are used in our product description page or the shopping cart and can be used even if There are pages on our site that use cookies to gather access log for the purpose of enhancing easy usage and quick access to our site upon revisit by our customers.

Change and notification regarding handling of Privacy Information

The Company may change the means of handling Privacy Information subject to needs arising from our businesses, introduction of new regulations, change of applicable regulations and other reasons beyond our control. In the event of any changes, we shall notify the clients through our website. Please check our latest update on this page upon using our site.
Please contact below for any inquiries and questions regarding handling of Privacy Information and personal data.

Disclosure, modifications or deletion, and management of Privacy Information.

Below is the contact and coordinates of our information administrator of private information of the members, and the contact point for disclosure, amendment or deletion of private information of the members. Any members wishing to disclose, amend or delete such information should contact us by telephone or E-mail. We ask you for your kind understanding in providing your personal identification.

Daito Seito Co., Ltd.
Shigekatsu Kimura

Contact for Privacy Information protection policy
Daito Seito Co., Ltd.
Personal Information Management Officer, Toshiharu Kawada
44 Shinminato, Mihama-Ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-0002

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